UK Certification Authority For Reinforcing Steels

Welcome to the official home page of Bar Schedule - spreadsheets  for the scheduling of steel for the reinforcement of concrete. There are two versions available, one for BS 8666:2000 and one for BS 4466:1989. Click on the buttons in the centre to get more information or to download a copy.

Bar Schedule for Excel 97
The standard version for scheduling reinforcement to BS 4466 : 1989.

Bar Schedule 8666 for Microsoft Excel
The new version of the spreadsheet for scheduling reinforcement to the new British Standard, BS 8666:2000 updated to amendment no. 2.
Shape 99 for Excel 97/2000
The new version of the spreadsheet for producing continuation sheets for shape code 99 bars. This can be used by  Excel 97 or Excel 2000 users. Suitable for use with BS 4466 or BS 8666.

SteelPac Compatible!
Both standard versions of Bar Schedule are capable of electronic data interchange and can export bar data to the SteelPac reinforcement management system.
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