The Reinforced Concrete Council offer a CD with the following Excel Spreadsheet files for Design to BS8110. This CD can be obtained free of charge from the RCC.


Spreadsheets to BS 8110 How to obtain the RCC-2000 CD
RCC11 Element design
Bending and axial force
RCC13 Punching shear
RCC14 Crack widths
RCC21 Subframe analysis
One-way solid slabs (A & D)
RCC32 Ribbed slabs (A & D)
RCC33 Flat slabs (A & D)
RCC41 Continuous beams (A & D)
RCC42 Post-tensioned slabs & Beams (A & D)
RCC51 Column load take-down & design
RCC52 Column chart generation
RCC53 Column design
RCC61 Basement wall
RCC62 Retaining wall
RCC71 Stair flight & landing - single
RCC72 Stairs & landings multiple
RCC81 Foundation pads
RCC91 One-way solid slabs (Tables)
RCC92 Ribbed slabs (Tables)
RCC93 Flat slabs (Tables)
RCC94 Two-way slabs (Tables)
RCC95 Continuous beams (Tables)
The RCC-2000 disk containing the version 1.0 spreadsheets is free. E-mail the RCC requesting the free CD.

For a payment of 14.50 you can get the hard copy of the user guide together with the updated CD containing version 1.1 of some files from BCA sales.

For a payment of 50 you can register with the RCC. You will receive the hard copy of the user guide together with the updated CD and you will be able to obtain updated spreadsheets as they become available.

For current version of the RCC spreadsheets  CLICK!
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To download the spreadsheets directly from the University of Portsmouth's web site, click on the following:  DOWNLOAD!  This connection is only 'live' Monday-Friday. (When downloading, click with your mouse's right button on the ref. no. to the right of the file you want and choose Save Target As from your shortcut menu).

Note: These may not be the latest versions of the spreadsheets available. Check either above or with the RCC direct.

Spreadsheets to EC2
RCCe11 Element design
RCCe21 Subframe analysis
RCCe41 Continuous beams (A & D)


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