Techno Consultants Ltd

Techno have an excellent range of spreadsheets which can be downloaded free. For more information click on the arrow below.


Reinforced Concrete Council

The RCC offer a free CD containing 26 spreadsheets for analysis and design. Click on the arrow for more info.


PILECAP DESIGN to BS 8110:1997

Rod Webster's spreadsheet for the complete design and detailing of reinforced concrete pilecaps. Print off reinforcement drawings and bar schedules! Click on 'More Info' and download it now!


Plansketch for Excel 97/2000
Plansketch is a spreadsheet for preparing sketches of floor plans. Input data on the first sheet, then look at the sketch on the next. When finished, copy the sketch and paste it into your calculations. A truly innovative product - from Concrete Innovation & Design.  


   BRC Building Products

BRC offer a masonry design spreadsheet which can be downloaded free from their Brickforce page. Click here to download: 

Wall Panel Spreadsheet


- a powerful aid for the reinforced concrete detailer and designer. Contains many of the common calculations required for RC work complying to British Standards.



Spreadsheet Solutions for Structural Engineers

USA site featuring a collection of bridge, civil and structural engineering spreadsheets including Secprop for calculating section properties.



Version 1.0 now available!

Download a document issue sheet, free registration and no restrictions on use. Registered users are free to customise this spreadsheet to suit their company's requirements.



UK Structural Steel Sections
for Microsoft Excel

These tables are supplied free as a service for spreadsheet developers. They may be copied to new workbooks and used for developing spreadsheets for the design of structural steelwork.
Updated 13-Nov-00, version 1.30 now available!



Reinforcement Areas is an interactive sheet for determining bar sizes, spacings and steel areas for reinforced concrete. Registration is free with no restrictions on use or distribution so click below to download it now!


Beam System Design

Free Excel Application for Beam System Design
The fastest way to get practical results for beams and system of beams from Professional Engineering



Spreadsheet implementing the Euler Bernouli theory of beams in bending for simply-supported and cantilevered beams. Finds shear, bending moment, deflections, shape, and stress for hollow and solid beams of rectangular, circular and I-beam cross sections.
More Info


Foundation Spreadsheets

Two Excel spreadsheets from New Zealand. PileClash for determining clashing of raking piles and FoundationPad for analysis of pads.




is an Excel spreadsheet which computes moment and shear envelopes generated by a moving truck. Trucks may have 2 to 20 axles and bridges 1 to 5 spans. Constant EI is used for all the spans. Results are displayed in tabular and graphical forms.

If you would like to make your spreadsheet available from this web site, on its own page, please email me. There is no charge!

TIMFRAM ® Integrated Analysis and Design for Timber Framed Structures to British Standards. Based on the ever popular and powerful Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet program, offers a simple but efficient method of producing calculations for the design of almost any timber framed buildings.  http://www.cowan.co.uk/timfram.html  

Concrete Innovation & Design
For bespoke spreadsheets and customisation of RCC/DETR spreadsheets by Rod Webster, principal author of the RCC spreadsheets.
Phone/Fax: 01293-881666
  e-mail: r_m.webster@which.net


Matrix Solutions
Civil and structural solutions to engineering problems in  Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. Sample programs are available as email attachments. Just email: info@bond9.freeserve.co.uk today.


A classy advert for Spreadsheet for Structural Engineering which shows off another facet of Excel spreadsheets.

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